Abortion Leslie Booher College Writing I 10/29/99 Abortion Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Most people know what abortion is thats the simple part, what gets more complicated is the moral issue surrounding it. There are some people who believe that abortion is a personal issue that should be decided by the mother and that if she decides to abort the baby that is ok. The other side of the issue is for the people like myself who feel that abortion is wrong in any situation. Is abortion killing? Yes abortion is killing a pre born child just because it is called removal doesnt mean that it is not killing. Yes the ultimate intention is removal, but it is carried out by a method that is in fact killing, such as dismembering or poisoning.

Some people say We just want to remove the child, not kill him or her, though she may die as a result. Now this is hardly a reality considering some of the methods that are used in aborting the child. The first method is D & C or Dilation and Curettage. This is performed between seven and twelve. This method utilizes a sharp curved knife.

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The uterus is approached though the vagina. The mouth of the womb is stretched open, and the surgeon then cut the body into tiny pieces and cuts and scrapes the placenta away from the walls of the uterus. Then one of the operating nurses has to reassemble the parts to be sure the uterus is entirely empty. Otherwise, the mother will become infected. Another method is Suction or Vacuum Aspiration used between seven and twelve weeks. A powerful suction tube is inserted into the womb. The baby is violently torn to pieces and sucked into a jar. Of course if you dont like the idea of having the baby torn to shreds there is always the Saline or Salt Poisoning method.

This is generally used after the thirteenth week. A long needle is inserted through the mothers abdomen and a strong salt solution is injected directly into the amniotic fluid that surrounds the child. The salt is swallowed and breathed and slowly poisons the baby, burning the skin as well. It usually takes about an hour to slowly kill the baby. Usually the mother goes into labor about a day later and expels a dead, grotesque, shriveled baby.

Oh course according to the pro-abortionists the fetus cannot feel when this happens so they are in absolutely no pain. This probably explains why the following happens; during the saline solution process, about an hour after the fluid is injected when the saline begins to affect the pre born the baby begins to react to it with the basic tools for survival used by every living creature – fight to survive. The baby begins to kick and thrust. Soon he or she can no longer fight the poison or run from it, the convulsions begin. This can be very uncomfortable for the mother. But dont forget what those pro-abortionists say the baby has no feeling.

They must be right. Many people will defend to the end a womans right to choose. They call themselves Pro-Choice, thus conveniently avoiding any part in killing the child. If you claim to be pro-choice then you are saying it is ok to kill an innocent baby if that is what the mother wants to do. Well guess what that is pro-abortion, you are saying it is ok.

There is no such thing as pro-choice. You have to take a stand one way or another. Pro-choice is a safety ground you dont ever have to live up to what you truly believe in. Some people believe that abortion is ok. Especially in the case of rape induced pregnancy.

Abortion is murder. Murder is NEVER justified, even to relieve a great pain, and even if there was a prior injustice, such as the child being forced on the woman against her will. Sometimes it is said that pregnancy due to rape is very rare, rare or not it is a topic that must be addressed because of the role it plays in the way that people think. So many people oppose abortion except in this case. Their position is extremely flawed. There are many reasons that people use to justify their opinion.

First, The woman was given no choice. Had she freely engaged in the sexual act, she should then bear the responsibility of the pregnancy. But since it was forced in her, she should not be forced to continue the resulting pregnancy. In response to that, if you are injustly denied a choice, does that give you the right to kill an innocent person? True, it not fair for a woman to have to endure a forced pregnancy. We have to have the greatest compassion and sympathy for her.

We must support and encourage her, not destroy an innocent child. Yes, it certainly was wrong for the woman to be raped. But she is not justified in righting this wrong by removing the result of it. Two wrongs do not equal a right. The child is a constant reminder of the terrible crime, the woman should be allowed to get rid of this reminder. Yes, this child is a reminder of a horrible violent act: rape.

This by no means allows her to destroy this child with another violent act: abortion. The child is absolutely innocent, in no way responsible for his or her coming into existence at this time and under these circumstances. The rapist is the only unjust attacker. When the future generations look back at us, what will they see? They will see a society that prided itself on being humane and concerned for human rights, but one that also engaged in the practice of killing small children by dismembering or burning. It did not do this to all children, just certain ones, who were still in the first phases of their lives, unable to defend themselves.

It was a practice called abortion. One would think that such a violent act would be outlawed. It was not; it was perfectly legal. Many in society welcomed the fact that it was legal, for they wanted to keep the practice safe. Didnt they find it odd to refer to a practice that destroys little children as safe? Is that the message we really want to portray to the future generations? Abortion is wrong and it must be stopped! Ethics and Morals.


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