Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar The Life of Julius Caesar GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR Julius Caesar was born on July 12 or July 13 100 BC. Since this was such a long time ago historians are not really sure on the exact date but the 12 and 13 are what must people think due what they know. People also know that Julius’s father was also named Gaius Julius Caesar. Another thing people know of Caesar threw historians is that he had a brother in law who was related to him threw a marrige. In 84 BC Caesar married Cornelia, who was the daughter of Marius’s old partner Lucius Cornelius.

After Lucius ordering the couple to be divorced, Julius escaped harmed by the help of his mother and other relatives. Of course the two did not get divoced, because they loved each other so much. Caesar was then sent to collect a fleet from the Roman ally Nicomedes IV of Bithynia and was honored for conspicuous bravery at the siege of Mytilene. After awill he left Rome for studies in Rhodes but was captured on route by pirates. After obtaining ransom he recruited troops and captured the pirates then had them executed .

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His studies were then halted by the breakout of war with MITHRADATES VI of Ponus, against whom he hastily gathered a force. In Spain, after a quaestorship, Caesar earned great popularity among the Transpadane Gauls by supporting their agitation for Roman citizenship. He then married Pompey the granddaughter of Sulla and relative of POMPEY THE GREAT, evidence shows that may be Caesar supported important military assignments for Pompey in 67 and 66. He again came into great popularity then into debt by supporting splendid games. He probably also cooperated with Marcus Licinius in an attempt to annex Egypt. At one time Caesar was with political powers and many honors.

He was appointed dictator. Then as time went on he was elected dictator for ten years. Then, finally, he became dictator for life. He was also elected consul, appointedperfect of morals, awarded tribunician sacrosanctity, and honored by having his face on coins and having a temple built for him. He also brought about many reforms so of which would are that he introduced the Julian Calendar, and enlarged the senate. At the same time he revised the tax structure, and maded it possably for non-Italians to become citizenes. Caesar was also an accomplished orator and writer. His two surviving works, On the Gallic War and On the Civil War, introduced the genre of personal war commentaries, Subtle propaganda for Caesaar, they are also lucid narratives that hold the reader.

After writing this paper I learned many simalarities between the world we live in and the world Julius Caesar lived in. For example, in both then and now war is killing many people. The thing that brings war is greed over land, and may be even hatred. Another thing I learned was that we have a form of government consisting of a senete and may be the Romans influenced this. And even way back then they had writers such as Julius Caesar.

And finally one of the things I learned was that they had a type of coin which presented the faces of famous men, in this case Gaius Julius Caesa.


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