How Amnesty International Is Bowing to the Indian Government Continuous Witch-Hunt Tactics

How Amnesty International Is Bowing to the Indian Government Continuous Witch-Hunt Tactics

The Indian policymakers and security agencies have not been making the headlines for the right reasons. Amid a turbulent time given the new agricultural reforms brought up by the prime minister and heated opposing reactions, the nation is also revealed to have been constantly suppressing human rights efforts in the region.

This is in light of how security agencies have made a habit of raiding and generally witch-hunting the Amnesty International office and activities in the nation.

How Bad Is the Situation

The widely acclaimed human rights journalistic agency – Amnesty International; has expressed concerns over how the Indian government and security agencies, in particular, have continuously made a habit of frustrating its operation in the nation.

A spokesperson for the human rights organization explained how the security agencies have stormed into their office times without numbers and ransacked everywhere. As claimed by the spokesperson, this is an outright plan to frustrate the efforts of the organization in ensuring that the rights of everyone are not violated.

Besides, the administrators have leveled up money laundering charges against the organization and done the unthinkable by freezing its account.

The truth is that all these seem like a tactic by the Indian administration to distract the human rights organization from paying attention to the gross instances of human rights abuse in the nation.

For instance, press coverage of the Farmer’s protest has been reportedly one-sided as the capitalist and aristocrats own many of these news outlets. Furthermore, the administrators have come down heavily upon the use of social media platforms in the country by banning some of them at some point in the protest. 

It Is Time to Leave this Nation

Amidst the attack, especially the recent freezing of Amnesty International’s Bank Account, the spokesperson for the organization stated that they have decided to halt their operation in the country.

This is a terrible sign and a cause for concern. This is because the administration can become more insensitive to people’s plight in the absence of an organization like Amnesty International watching the scenes play out.

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