Shisha smoking: is it dangerous?

Shisha's smoking is becoming a matter of big concerns. Eventhough it is legal in some countries, shisha is considered as toxic and a danger to human health in others. The use of chicha is becoming increasingly important and it would be ideal to list the consequences. What is chicha and what are the risks to which potential consumers are exposed?

The definition and components of chicha

Also known as a water pipe or hookah, shisha is a water pipe that promotes tobacco consumption. This method of consumption suggests that the user is smoking safely and is free from all threats. For more information, click on the link

It is increasingly used by most people. Indeed, chicha is composed of a set of products where we have notably tobacco with a rate of 28%; molasses for a rate of 70%. In addition, there are also flavourings of which there are several categories (strawberry, rose, coconut, etc.).

Harmful effects of chicha consumption

To smoke shisha is to expose oneself to the same risks as those who smoke cigarettes. And the danger of cigarette is known. Indeed, the first consequences of using chicha are related to the flaws that could occur in the lungs, but also the presence of chronic bronchitis. As a result, you are exposed to different types of cancer. These are lung cancer; lip cancer; bladder cancer and so on.

In addition, smoking shisha is a cardiovascular risk factor. This is also true for the brain, which is mentally retarded. In addition to all this, when you take shisha it affects your reputation in the sense that not only do you lose the ability to reason properly, but fatigue will also set in and can affect your daily life and activities. Clearly, shisha is a danger. Its smokers should be conscious on what they expose themselves to.

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